In April of 2015 the Jeep Renegade officially arrived to the Brazilian public reinventing the segment. Now, after three and a half years, he enters the 2019 line willing to show why he is more Jeep than ever. Equipped with even more connectivity, technology, capacity and equipment, and design news, it continues to be a benchmark for compact SUVs and inspires a legion of fans. The first product of the world’s most modern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) factory in Pernambuco, the model ushered in a new era of Jeep in Brazil, ranking it ninth in sales. Alone, the Renegade already accumulates 160 thousand plates only in the domestic market. And more than that, out of every five SUVs sold in the country today, one is Jeep – the exact number is 22% participation, absolute leadership in the category. So much success has only increased the Jeep’s challenge to further open this brilliant chapter in the history of the vehicle and the brand in Brazil. Starting with the iconic design of the New Renegade, cut to enhance the authenticity typical of every Jeep. The new front displays the grid with a redesign in the traditional seven slits, slightly lower. In the Limited and Trailhawk versions, the headlamps are now LEDs, both main and fog lamps, as well as daytime running lights (DRL). No wonder, Renegade’s ‘face’ is even more in line with that of the next-generation Jeep Wrangler, the brand’s top icon. This lighting set, with a range of more than 50% higher than the current standard (halogen lamps), is also available as an option in the Longitude options. In the Flex versions, another novelty is the front bumper, which gives the model one of the widest angles of attack category, up to 28 ° (the numbers are even better in the Diesel options, reaching 30 °). What increases the capacity to face any adversities that come ahead. Always light alloy, the wheels have won new designs on all Renegade, highlighting the Limited, which are 19 inches, measure unique in the segment. By the way, in this configuration, the wheels have two unprecedented color options, according to body paint. When the Renegade Limited is Antique Gray, the contours of the front grille openings and wheels are graphite. If the vehicle is in the Deep Brown color (only available in this version), such details boast bronze finish with graphite grille. In other shades of Renegade Limited, the grille, wheels and other points are in satin silver. There are two new paintings: Jazz Blue and Billet Silver, this one exclusive for the Longitude.

More connectivity

From the Longitude versions, the New Renegade 2019 now boasts the largest multimedia screen in the category, 8.4 inches. It is part of the same Uconnect system applied to the ‘big brother’ Jeep Compass, another unparalleled success in the segment. In this way, it is possible to pair the smartphone through the interfaces Android Auto and car cover suv, to access through the vehicle monitor navigation applications such as Google Maps and Waze and music, such as Spotify and Deezer, just to name a few. Uconnect 8.4 also lets you access the air-conditioning functions remotely, by touching the monitor or by voice commands. By the way, the cabin cooling time, in any version, was 20% faster, thanks to improvements in the system But already in the Sport 1.8 Flex, with manual or automatic transmission, Renegade has the standard Uconnect 5.0 touch screen and built-in rear camera. The second USB port, which was inside the central storage compartment, now faces the rear passengers, ‘democratizing’ the use.

Comfort and practicality

Behind, the back cover has gained an external knob, which makes the opening easier and more ergonomic. By doing so, you can see that now the trunk of all versions now holds 320 liters. There are 47 extra liters, obtained with the adoption of the temporary step – which Flex options had already received earlier this year. The exception is the Trailhawk, which kept the full size spare tire because of its greater vocation for the off road. In the cabin, the most original and well-finished of the segment, the central area received special care and has been redesigned. The air-conditioning controls are new, as are the more numerous and spacious object carriers. Both the front of the gear lever and the position between the seats, where a new niche has been opened, to accommodate items such as a cell phone. On the diesel versions, the Selec-Terrain’s knob rose slightly to generate more amplitude in the surrounding area.


The high level of the equipment list, since always a highlight of Renegade in all versions, has evolved even more. It is important to note that every New Jeep Renegade 2019 is equipped with stability and stability controls (ESC) and four-wheel independent suspension, electronic parking brake, multifunctional instrument panel display and alloy wheels, among other highlights.

Check out a summary of the new items that have become standard on each version:

  • 8 Flex AT6 (PCD) – 16-inch alloy wheels;
  • Sport 1.8 Flex MT5 and AT6 – Uconnect multimedia system with 5.0-inch touch screen, rear camera and new 17-inch alloy wheels (AT6);
  • Longitude 1.8 Flex AT6 and 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – Uconnect multimedia system with 8.4-inch touch screen, compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play interfaces, monitor air-conditioning control or voice commands and new 18-alloy wheels inches;
  • Limited 1.8 Flex AT6 – main and fog fog lights, LED daytime running lights, two side airbags, two curtain and one for the driver’s knees and new 19-inch alloy wheels;
  • Trailhawk 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – main and fog lights, LED daytime running lights and new 17-inch alloy wheels.

2019 line prices

Importantly, even with the addition of equipment, some versions had price reductions or kept the value – always in relation to the full table of 2018, without promotions.

  • 8 Flex AT6 (PCD exclusive) – R $ 69,999
  • Sport 1.8 Flex MT5 – R $ 78,490 (reduction of R $ 7,000)
  • Sport 1.8 Flex AT6 – R $ 83,990 (reduction of R $ 8,000)
  • Longitude 1.8 Flex AT6 – R $ 96,990 (equal value)
  • Limited 1.8 Flex AT6 – R $ 103,490
  • Longitude 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – R $ 125,490
  • Trailhawk 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 – R $ 136,390


The Jeep Renegade is among the news that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has prepared for the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, as the brand’s compact SUV has just debuted the upcoming hybrid plug-in version, the new Jeep Renegade Plug-in Hybrid. Hybridization is the tool the Jeep has used to reduce Renegade’s pollution levels, and this new hybrid version debuts an electrified technology based on a 1.3 FireFly turbo engine. It is a four-cylinder engine that is located on the front axle, which works in combination with an electric motor mounted on the rear axle, achieving a four-wheel drive configuration. The set will offer a power of 190 hp and will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 7 seconds, with CO2 emissions below 50 g / km and a pure electric drive range of around 50 km thanks to the stored energy in its lithium-ion battery pack. In terms of aesthetics, the hybrid version of the Jeep B-SUV will not be very different from the rest of the line, as it has only a few subtle details that distinguish it from other versions. A specific decorative sticker on the hood, while the exterior mirrors are painted in gray and the back cover is the ‘4 × 4 e’ logo, which allows you to identify it as a hybrid model. In relation to the passenger compartment, a specific instrumentation has been introduced which includes information on the hybrid propulsion system and the level of the batteries, as well as data related to consumption, driving modality and eAWD traction.


A second interesting proposal from the Jeep for the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The new Compass Hybrid presents itself at the big European event showing a particularly sporty image with the Trailkawk finish. Like the new Jeep Renegade Hybrid, the American brand’s intermediate bet comes in the red-painted body with special design details such as the satin gray trim of the seven-bar front grille and rearview mirror housings, accompanied by large 20-inch light alloy. A logo on the back with the ‘4×4 e’ emblem identifies this version more efficiently. Inside, the new Jeep Compass hybrid plug-in also features a specific instrument panel with two analog hemispheres on the sides of the instrumentation and a digital display between both with green graphics showing the information of the propulsion system in relation to the autonomy, power , consumption, and battery charge status. The new Jeep Compass Hybrid uses the same technical scheme as Renegade with the powerful 1.3-liter T4 turbocharged engine from the new FireFly family and an electric motor placed on the rear axle that adds up to a maximum power output of 240 hp.  With an 8-speed automatic transmission, the new plug-in hybrid features integral eAWD traction without connection between the two engines, so by switching to that mode, combustion and electric work together by managing the power and torque distribution of a way, including increased traction on the rear wheels, with CO2 emissions of less than 50 g / km. The Jeep has not provided technical or performance data for the new Compass Hybrid, as it will be announced as it approaches the date of its debut in the market, with commercialization commencing by the end of the current year. In pure electric mode it will offer a range of 50 kilometers and a top speed of 130 km / h.


The next special series of the best-selling SUV in Brazil puts it as an example of sophistication. The starting point was the Limited Diesel 4×4 version with an exclusive Deep Brown paint combined with various dark items (wheels, logos, friezes etc.) that would normally be chrome. The Jeep Compass S will also feature an autonomous driving technology package consisting of adaptive speed control (ACC), front-end collision warning with automatic braking (FCW +) and Lane Sense tracking. In addition to Park Assist, which already teams all Compass Limited and Trailhawk in the line 2019.


Top of the line Jeep, the big SUV goes on sale in the dealers of the brand in the national territory, single version, Limited, with two V6 engines: the Pentastar3.6 liter petrol and 3.0 turbo diesel. The transmission is always automatic eight-speed with Quadra-Trac II all-wheel drive. In the long list of devices, seven air bags, panoramic sunroof, electric front seats with heating and ventilation, and the entertainment suite, consisting of the Uconnect control panel with 8.4-inch display panel, two 9.0-inch rear screens with HDMI inputs and premium wireless and sound headphones with nine speakers and a subwoofer.

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